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Wellness Testing

The purpose of annual Wellness Testing is to identify diseases and health problems as early as possible, when treatment and prevention are most effective. The goal of your veterinary practitioner is to keep your pet to be a healthier and happier family member and Wellness Testing is a vital tool in health assessment. Changes in pet’s health often go unnoticed. Many conditions can have a “subclinical” stage, where an animal acts normally but changes are occurring internally. The variety of tests in the Wellness Testing profiles allows for general screening of the conditions of the internal organs so that changes can be detected early on.

HealthGene Laboratory offers several packages for your veterinarian to choose from. Age, history and current health status and health history are the factors used to select the correct wellness package for your pet.

To learn about DNA tests for specific organisms, please follow one of the links:

Code Test Code Test
CW1 Canine Wellness – I FW1 Feline Wellness – I
CW2 Canine Wellness – II FW2 Feline Wellness – II
CWS Canine Senior Wellness FWS Feline Senior Wellness
CWD Canine Diabetic Wellness FWD Feline Diabetic Wellness
CSS1 Canine Pre-Surgical Screening FSS1 Feline Pre-Surgical Screening
LFP1 Liver Function Profile RFP1 Renal Function Profile

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