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Research Projects

“Ultrastructural findings in feline corneal sequestra” – A new research article by the Atlantic Veterinary College (University of Prince Edward Island) and HealthGene Corp.

While pursuing the company’s mission of bringing DNA diagnostics to everyday veterinary practice, HealthGene’s research projects have brought us international recognition within the scientific and business community. Many renowned universities and diagnostic laboratories use HealthGene for their DNA testing needs.

Ocular Problems In Felines and Canines A Two Year Analysis of DNA Testing

HealthGene works closely with many veterinary ophthalmologists, helping to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and monitor the incidence of animal diseases as well as disease transmission to humans. HealthGene conducted a preliminary research on an associated ophthalmology clinic over a two-year period. The results of the research are available online (link to the article).

Statistical Analysis of Infectious Pathogens in Different Parrot Species.

Every year HealthGene publishes statistical information on positive results for major avian infectious pathogens Avian Polyomavirus, Chlamydophila psittaci, Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease virus and Pacheco’s Disease virus. This statistical analysis helps to understand how the diseases are spread among different species of parrots. Please read the latest data in “A Review of DNA Testing for Avian Infectious Diseases Over the Past Three Years”.

Grey Collie Syndrome

Recently, with the collaboration of Dr. Marshall Horwitz from University of Washington our laboratory began to offer a unique DNA test for the Grey Collie Syndrome (Canine Cyclic Neutropenia) which is critical for the Collie breed. This test can find and eliminate potential carriers of this disease.

Canine Coat and Nose Color Testing

The successful work with Dr. Sheila Schmutz (University of Saskatchewan) has put HealthGene laboratory in the leading position in DNA testing for Coat and Nose Colors. Our laboratory offers tests for more than 30 different dog breeds. Many of these tests were developed due to the demand of different clubs. HealthGene supports Dr. Schmutz’s work in developing other coat color tests such as tests for sable and dilution colors. These two tests will be available very soon.