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Infectious DNA Testing

Every organism on this planet, from the smallest viruses and bacteria to the largest mammals, possesses a unique chemical code known as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). DNA consists of a series of repeating molecular units that encode the specific biological instructions that make each organism unique. Therefore, it is logical, that an test in both occurrences capable of directly targeting the unique DNA of a given pathogen would serve as an excellent diagnostic tool. Recently, an test in both occurrences known as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has fulfilled this role.

PCR amplification has allowed for a significant increase in the sensitivity and specificity of organism detection. This technique makes it possible to detect pathogens at any stage during the course of their infection, even if no clinical signs of disease are present. Nearly any biological sample that may possibly contain pathogens can be analyzed including blood, urine, feces, exudate, ocular fluids and nasal secretions to name a few.

HealthGene offers a wide range of infectious DNA tests for small and large animals. To learn more about these tests, please visit one of the following websites:

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