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Animals are not only our pets, but also a part of our families and it is important to ensure that all members of the family are healthy. It is for this very important reason that we have introduced the Family Protection Health Program. This program was designed to educate pet owners and protect them against harmful organisms known as zoonoses, which can be passed from animals to humans. Although healthy people can contact zoonotic diseases, the people most susceptible to these types of infections are those with suppressed immune systems such as small children, the elderly and those with immune-suppressing illnesses.

How Are These Infections Spread?

There are numerous means by which these types of zoonotic infections can be transmitted from pets to humans. Direct transmission may be a result of scratches and/or bites (saliva) from infected pets, or through contact with urine and/or feces that may contain these harmful organisms. Additionally, a disease may be contracted through contact with water or food that has been contaminated by an infected pet. It is crucial that we, as pet owners, familiarize ourselves with the potential risks that our loved ones can be exposed to.

When Should The Program Be Used?

The Family Protection Health Program uses DNA technology to detect these organisms. It is recommended that these tests be performed upon the initial purchase or acquirement of a new animal, regardless of origin, that will be entering your home. After your veterinarian completes this program, periodic testing should be performed depending on how often the pet is exposed to other outdoor animals or if the pet acquires any type of bite and/or scratch wounds from any strange animals.

HealthGene offers three profiles under the Family Protection Health Program:

FAMILY PROTECTION Health Program for Birds
FAMILY PROTECTION Health Program for Cats
FAMILY PROTECTION Health Program for Dogs