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Infectious DNA Profiles

HealthGene Laboratory offers a wide range of diagnostic tests for infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Veterinarians using HealthGene’s services have the option of conducting one test at time (visit Infectious DNA tests for more information) or selecting from over twenty DNA profiles. Each profile offers a combination of diagnostic tests uniquely designed to target the DNA of multiple infectious organisms known to cause specific symptoms at a given site of infection (for example, Feline Intraocular Infection Profile). Since the names of these profiles describe the symptoms/location of pathogenic infection, veterinarians need only select the profile relevant to the animal’s symptoms. Each infectious agent listed in the profile has been selected based on research and documented evidence showing its association with a specific set of symptoms or site of infection. Infectious DNA profiles offer veterinarians an alternative to selecting individual tests for pathogens, which may or may not be responsible for a given set of symptoms.

By using profiles that target several pathogens commonly associated with specific symptoms or area of infection, the probability of identifying the correct source of infection significantly increases since the degree of speculation is relatively reduced. DNA profiles offer an economical solution to conducting several diagnostic tests at once and are considered indispensable by many specialized practices.

HealthGene offers disease-specific DNA profiles for small and large animals:

Infectious DNA Profiles for Small Animals

Infectious DNA Profiles for Large Animals