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Educational Programs

HealthGene understands the complexity of DNA based technology. Therefore, HealthGene not only offers diagnostic services, but also provides an educational program for veterinarians. Various lectures are presented at veterinary colleges, conferences, and shows in North America in order to explain the advantages of DNA based technology for the testing of infectious diseases and genetic disorders. Also, we work with veterinarians on an individual level to discuss any problems they may have and possibility of applying DNA testing to identify sources of the problems. This is important not only for veterinarians but also for us. During many discussions with practitioners, we have gained an extensive understanding of which tests should be developed and offered in order to improve the service.

For organizations or clinics that would like to schedule a presentation on using DNA-based testing, contact the laboratory. Appointments should be made well ahead of time to avoid scheduling conflicts. Veterinarians can also order informational material which can help them to better understand DNA testing. HealthGene publishes numerous newsletters which explain the potential infectious disease problems and their solutions.

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