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Genetic DNA Testing

HealthGene Laboratory offers a wide range of genetic DNA tests. These tests can be divided into two types:

  1. DNA tests for genetic disorders
  2. DNA tests for genetic characteristics

DNA tests for genetic disorders:

At present, many hereditary disorders have been identified in small and large animals, defined on the bases of quantitative, functional, or structural defects in specific proteins or pathways. Genetic disorders are caused by chromosomal alterations or gene mutations. Direct detection of causative mutations is the most specific method of carriers detection. The DNA test results are independent of the age of the animals; thus,the tests can be performed at any time. DNA is very stable and only very small quantities are needed for genetic testing.

DNA tests for genetic characteristics:

This type of tests includes DNA sexing, fingerprinting, parentage, and tests for different color characteristics. As other genetic tests, these tests are very specific and can be done on a variety of samples.

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