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New RNA and DNA Elution Kit™ for fast extraction nucleic acids form polyacrylamide gels.
High quality, RNA and DNA fragments are critical for PCR/RT-PCR, sequencing reactions, Southern and Northern blotting experiments. HealthGene Fast RNA and DNA Elution Kit™ provides high quality and easy-to-use reagents for nucleic acids elution from polyacrylamide gels in the shortest possible time. HealthGene Corporation is offering the fastest and easiest elution protocol which available on the market.


  • EFFICIENT – 90% of RNA and DNA recovery from polyacrymide gels;
  • EASY – just homogenize, incubate with the elution buffer and precipitate;
  • NON-HAZARDOUS – no special precautions needed;
  • FAST – elute nucleic acids in < 3 hours;
  • STABLE – stable for more than two years at room temperature.

Catalog No: HG100126
Description: Fast RNA and DNA Elution Kit™
Size: 50 reactions
Fast RNA and DNA Elution Kit™ – $87.00 USD
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Fast RNA and DNA Elution Kit. Instruction Manual.

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