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Infectious DNA Testing

Infectious DNA testing is an important part in maintaining the health and well-being of aviaries. These diseases can be easily spread from one bird to another if not detected at early stage or if a newly introduced bird has not been tested.

The advantages of DNA testing over other method of diagnostics is in the ability of detecting the actual genetic material from the pathogen. Other methods such as serological testing relies on detection of antibodies and usually require an immune response. In certain cases, a bird’s immune system may be able to overcome or supress an infection. In this scenario, the bird is considered a carrier of the infection and may actively shed the organism into its environment if exposed to different types of stress, and, therefore, spreading the infection to other birds in the aviary. Because of its sensitivity, DNA testing allows for detection of carriers and, thus, isolating them from the rest of bird population.

HealthGene suggests submitting blood samples as well as fecal samples for infectious DNA testing. This will allow for detection of not only the presence of the agent in blood but also to check if the bird is shedding the organism and, thus, spreading the infection.

Please contact us for more information on submitting samples for disease testing.

Code Test
D409 Aspergillus spp.
A116 Avian Paramyxovirus
A104 Avian Polyomavirus
A118 Avian Tuberculosis
D417 Bordetella avium
A106 Chlamydophila Psittaci (Psittacosis)
D329 Cryptosporidium parvum
D405 Giardia spp.
A110 Pacheco’s Disease virus
A108 Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease virus
A112 Toxoplasma gondii
A114 Trichomonas gallinae
D411 West Nile virus