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Canine Coat and Nose Color Testing

C128-Canine Coat and Nose Color Test
Miniature Schnauzer


Miniature Schnauzers typically occur in three basic colors: black, salt and pepper and black-and-silver. The gene that controls their black coat color is K.
There is no DNA test currently available to distinguish salt & pepper from black-and-silver. Miniature Schnauzers are black-and-silver because of a gene that dilutes phaeomelanin pigment to cream to white and does not dilute black. Thus they are black-and-silver instead of black-and-tan.
Although most Miniature Schnauzers are E/E, a few are e/e. Such dogs are typically cream to white instead of red. The e/e genotype is epistatic to, or masks, the solid black coat color.
All Miniature Schnauzers that meet the FCI standard, have black nose leather and pads and are B/B and so there should be no reason to test for the b alleles. This could be done at additional charge.

Please select the color of your dog to determine possible genotypes:
Genotype Main Color Nose Color Hidden Color
KbKbEE black black none
KbkyEE black black black-and-silver, salt-and-pepper
KbKbEe black black white
KbkyEe black black black-and-silver, salt-and-pepper white
KbKbee white sable, black black
Kbkyee white black black-and-silver, salt-and-pepper, black
kykyee white black black-and-silver, salt-and-pepper
kykyEE black-and-silver, salt-and-pepper black none
kykyEe black-and-silver, salt-and-pepper black white
Any single tested allele - $55.00*
Each additional allele - $20.00*
* subject to HST for Canadian residents only.

Note: Mask gene (Em) is considered as an individual test, separate from other alleles in E locus.

To help you to calculate the proper amount, please review the following example:
Testing for 3 alleles - E, B, and D - should be calculated as $55 + $20 + $20 = $95.00.
The price will be automaticaly calculated during the process of ordering a sample collection kit.
The following sample(s) can be submitted for the testing:
1. Blood sample in a lavender top tube.
2. Cheek swabs. Sample collection kit online: Order a Sample Collection Kit
Test results are usually available in 10 Business Days from the moment the samples arrive at the laboratory. Test results can be reported by e-mail, fax, or by phone.
HealthGene will provide a certificate for each test result.