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Canine Coat and Nose Color Testing

C128-Canine Coat and Nose Color Test


The most common color for Puli is black. Puli can be black having a KB allele. They also occur in white. Fako is a Hungarian term used to describe Puli of other pale colors. Puli that are fako do not have a KB, but are ky/ky. They must also have at least one ay allele. Some Puli are called apricot. Colors other than black and white are not allowed to be shown in all countries. Useful references on Puli color were provided by Sue Hopgood of Great Britain. She had saved an article entitled "Coat Colour and Pigmentation and It's Inheritance" from a breed club magazine. A book entitled "The History of the Puli" written by Arany Csaba in 1998 was particularly helpful. This book mentions pale pups born to two black parents and black pups born to two black parents, which implies that either Puli have two forms of black or two forms of fako. Some black Puli gray with age. Whether this is the progressive graying similar to Poodle silver or whether it is more that some white hairs gradually occur amongst the black ones, is not clear. Cream to white Puli are always e/e at the E locus. Many Puli have an E. None appear to have an EM allele. Although some fako dogs appear to have a black mask as pups, this fades soon, and is not the melanistic mask caused by EM.

Please select the color of your dog to determine possible genotypes:
Genotype Main Color Nose Color Hidden Color
KbKbEEayay black na fako
KbkyEEayay black na fako
KbKbEeayay black na fako, white
KbkyEeayay black na fako, white
KbKbEEaya black na fako
KbkyEEaya black na fako
KbKbEeaya black na fako, white, recessive black
KbkyEeaya black na fako, white, recessive black
KbKbEEaa black na none
KbkyEEaa black na none
kykyEEaa black na none
KbKbEeaa black na white
KbkyEeaa black na white
kykyEeaa black na white
kykyEEayay fako na none
kykyEeayay fako na white
kykyEEaya fako na recessive black
kykyEeaya fako na white, recessive black
KbKbeeayay white na black, fako
Kbkyeeayay white na black, fako
kykyeeayay white na fako
KbKbeeaya white na black, fako, recessive black
Kbkyeeaya white na black, fako, recessive black
kykyeeaya white na fako, recessive black
KbKbeeaa white na blackm recessive black
Kbkyeeaa white na black, recessive black
kykyeeaa white na recessive black
Any single tested allele - $55.00*
Each additional allele - $20.00*
* subject to HST for Canadian residents only.

Note: Mask gene (Em) is considered as an individual test, separate from other alleles in E locus.

To help you to calculate the proper amount, please review the following example:
Testing for 3 alleles - E, B, and D - should be calculated as $55 + $20 + $20 = $95.00.
The price will be automaticaly calculated during the process of ordering a sample collection kit.
HealthGene requires a blood sample (at least 1ml of whole blood in a purple top EDTA tube) for testing 3 or more alleles. If testing less than 3, a sample collection kit (cheek swab collection) can be ordered online following the link: Order A Sample Collection Kit.
Test results are usually available in from the moment the samples arrive at the laboratory. Test results can be reported by e-mail, fax, or by phone.
HealthGene will provide a certificate for each test result.