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Canine Coat and Nose Color Testing

C101-DNA Parentage Test


Presence of black-and-tan and sable colors.

The Belgian Shepherds, which are longhaired, occur in two colors varieties with separate names. The Tervuren are sable colored dogs and the Groenendael are black. In addition there are two other hair coat varieties, both of which are usually sable: the Malinois is shorthaired and the Laekenois is wirehaired.Tervuren are typically either ay ay or aya. Therefore if two dogs that are both aya are mated together, some black pups could occur. Sable in Tervuren is used to denote a predominance of reddish hairs with occasional solid black hairs interspered. The number of black hairs can vary tremendously, probably under the control of another gene which has not been determined yet. The shade of red can also vary from cream to deep red. This is under the control of yet another gene which we are still searching for. Note that another allele at also occasionally occurs in Tervuren, and this allele, when homozygous causes black-and-tan which is a disallowed color in most countries. DNA testing to detect the presence of the a or at alleles in dogs that are sable allows breeders to better predict the colors of pups from particular matings. (note that Groenendael can be black from the genotype "aa", which is recessive to sable or from another gene with a dominant genotype). All Tervuren have a melanistic mask and are therefore Em Em.

Please select the color of your dog to determine possible genotypes:
Genotype Main Color Nose Color Hidden Color
Emayay sable na none
Emayat sable na black-and-tan
Emaya sable na black
Any single tested allele - $55.00*
Each additional allele - $20.00*
* subject to HST for Canadian residents only.

Note: Mask gene (Em) is considered as an individual test, separate from other alleles in E locus.

To help you to calculate the proper amount, please review the following example:
Testing for 3 alleles - E, B, and D - should be calculated as $55 + $20 + $20 = $95.00.
The price will be automaticaly calculated during the process of ordering a sample collection kit.
The following sample(s) can be submitted for the testing:
1. Blood sample in a lavender top tube.
2. Cheek swabs. Sample collection kit online: Order a Sample Collection Kit
Test results are usually available in 10 from the moment the samples arrive at the laboratory. Test results can be reported by e-mail, fax, or by phone.
HealthGene will provide a certificate for each test result.