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Breed Details



Faster than forty miles per hour, able to hunt small game by`s a Greyhound. This breed probably first appeared in the Middle East hundreds of years ago and then traveled to Europe on Phoenician boats.

Established in England by the 9th century, the Greyhound appeared in America before the Declaration of Independence. Their name may refer to the coat color or to the Greek people, who have adored these dogs for years. Greyhounds are well known as racers, but also make loving, well-behaved, calm family pets. A miniature version, called the Italian Greyhound, is classified as a Toy dog.

Breed Standards

Size: Males 65 to 70 pounds, Females 60 to 65 pounds.
Appearance: Lean, muscular body.
Coat and Color: Short, thick, smooth, firm coat. All colors and color combinations with or without markings permitted.
Head: Wide skull with a long, narrow, powerful muzzle; dark, almond shaped eyes; small, thin, folded ears, reaching toward the rear of the body.
Tail: Long, thin, tapered, slightly curved.

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