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Breed Details

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a toy dog that evolved in China. They arrived in Japan as gifts to the emperor and are now known as the dogs of Japanese Royalty.

They wear smooth, black and white coats, and resemble their Pug and Pekingese cousins.

Reaching a maximum weight of eight pounds, their elegant appearances show well in dog show competitions. They are loyal pets, who love to be the center of attention.

Breed Standards

Size: Males and Females 8 pounds maximum; smaller sizes preferred, with symmetry and balance.
Appearance: Compact, square body with high-stepping, lively motion .
Coat and Color: Compact, square body with high-stepping, lively motion Long, straight, thick, puffy coat with a thick mane around the neck; feathering on the legs, ears and tail. Black and white or red (lemon to brown) and white colors allowed.
Head: Large head with a wide skull and short muzzle; large, wide-set, dark eyes; small, v-shaped ears.
Tail: Twisted across the back.

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