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Breed Details

Great Dane

Great Dane

The Great Dane was developed in Germany, where it has been known since the Middle Ages. The Great Dane was used originally to hunt wild boar, patrol estates and as a war dog. They were first imported into North America during the 18th century.

Great Danes were once used as attack dogs because they were so ferocious. However, now they display an even-temper, and are friendly and dependable.

The Great Dane is said to be spirited and courageous. They enjoy outdoor activity and daily exercise. They adapt well to city or country living but need room indoors as well as out.

Breed Standards

Size: Males measure 30 in, 76 cm and females are just a bit smaller.
Coat: Their coat is short, smooth, thick and glossy.
Grooming: The coat requires minimal grooming.

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