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Breed Details

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

A Scotsman developed the Golden Retriever in the mid-19th century. Crossing the wavy coated Retriever with the yellow Tweed Water Spaniel had created the Golden Retriever. It was first granted breed status in Britain in 1913.

The Golden Retriever is noted for being friendly, reliable and trustworthy. In addition to being a gentle-mouthed retriever, the breed excels in obedience and shines as a guide dog for the seeing-impaired. It is a great family pet especially for the children.

The Golden Retriever does well in suburban or country environments where he gets lots of outdoor exercise, but keep him well-fenced for his own protection. He is powerful and active as well as very intelligent.

Breed Standards

Size: Strong and upstanding males measure from 23-24 in, 58-61 cm and weigh from 65-75 lb. Females are obviously smaller.
Coat: The dense and water-repellent coat lies flat against the body and may be straight or wavy. It is firm and resilient.
Grooming: Regular brushing is the only grooming required outside of the occasional bath.

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