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Breed Details

German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer

The purpose of creating this breed was to have a more versatile dog that was aggressive enough to be used in hunting dangerous game in rugged locales. The German Wire-haired Pointer emerged as a classic pointer with more nerve and a strong, tough coat to protect him under the worst conditions.

The GWP has a sound, reliable temperament. He may seem distant to strangers, but not unfriendly. GWP is a loyal and affectionate companion that is eager to please.

This breed displays qualities of determined hunters that are energetic and persistent with a courageous nature. They adapt well to suburban or country homes as family pets and weekend hunting companions. They require lots of exercise and are happiest when outdoors and working.

Breed Standards

Size: Males are about 24-26 in, 61-66 cm. Females may be smaller but not less than 22 in, 56 cm.
Coat: The harsh, wiry, weather-resistant coat is also somewhat waterproof. It is long enough to protect against rough cover but not too long to obscure the dog`s outline.
Appearance: The bushy eyebrows, beard and whiskers give the GWP a most appealing appearance.
Grooming: Frequent brushing keeps the coat lying close and removes dead hair. Ears should be checked and cleaned as necessary.

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