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Breed Details

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

The development of the German Shorthaired Pointer began between 1870 and 1880. The breed was based primarily on dogs of Spanish Pointer. The German Short-haired Pointer was first introduced to North America in the mid-1920s. It didn`t take long for the handsome breed to become established here as a popular sporting dog and family pet.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is full of enthusiasm, and is friendly and intelligent.

The German Shorthaired pointer is a combination of power, endurance, agility and animation. He is sturdy, hardy and active. The breed adapts well to family life in a suburban or country setting but needs lot of exercise to use up some of his abundant energy.

Breed Standards

Size: Males will measure from 23-25 in, 58-64 cm and weigh 55-75 lb. Females will be about 21-23 in, and 45-60 lb.
Coat: The coat is short, thick and feels tough and hard to the hand.
Grooming: A rubdown with a hound mitt will keep the coat groomed for the most part. However, it`s a good idea to examine the ears regularly and clean as needed.

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