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Breed Details

German Longhaired Pointer

German Longhaired Pointer

The German Longhaired Pointer is closely related to three other long-coated German sporting breeds: the Large Munsterlander, the Small Munsterlander and the Wachtelhund, the last being similar to the English springer spaniel. It is the rarest breed of all the German Pointers. The breed presents itself with a rather heavily constructed setter. In Germany, the breed is still highly regarded as a versatile gun dog and family companion; however, the breed is very rare.

The German Longhaired Pointer is at home on the farm or in the field. It is intelligent, versatile and good-natured.

The German Longhaired Pointer is active and possesses a fair amount of stamina and drive. He`s well suited to country living and needs a fair amount of outdoor exercise.

Breed Standards

Size: The breed stands 25-27.5 in, 64-70 cm.
Coat: Underneath the neck, chest and belly, the hair is somewhat longer. Overall, the coat is water resistant, shiny and firm to the touch.
Grooming: Regular brushing should be all the grooming necessary.

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