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Breed Details



There are different theories on how the Newfoundland came about.

The Newfoundland`s temperament is reflected in his soft expression. The breed is benevolent, intelligent and dignified but capable of fun. He is known for his gentleness and serenity. Generations of children have taken their first toddling steps holding on to this fantastic family dog.

The Newfoundland is an excellent swimmer with a strong life-saving instinct. There are hundreds of documented water rescues performed by this breed.

Breed Standards

Size: The average height for an adult Newfoundland is 26-28 in, 66-71 cm. They weigh about 120-150 lb.
Coat: The dog s coat was designed to aid him in water work. It is flat, dense and water-resistant, being a little oily. The hair on the head, muzzle and ears is short and fine. There is a soft, dense undercoat.
Grooming: The thick coat needs regular raking and brushing, especially during seasonal shedding.

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