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Breed Details

French Brittany Spaniel

French Brittany Spaniel

In the 1700 s a small breed was developed in France and loved by the towns folk. This breed was started by crossing black setter/pointer dogs with spaniels. Fresh meat was scarce for all but the folks that were aristocratic land owners, the town folks wanted a dog that would help them obtain fresh game without drawing notice or the ire of the affluent land owners.

The dog is vigorous, the look is bright and the expression intelligent. The general aspect of the breed is its full of energy, having conserved in the course of its evolution the short-coupled model sought after and fixed by those having recreated the breed. The main difference to its countepart the American Spaniel is its persistent skills for hunting. French Brittany`s are natural hunters and tend to be more energetic. French Brittanys are intelligent, good tempered, excellent gundogs. They will use the easily acquired training techniques you have taught them, while they work for you.

Breed Standards

Appearance: Smallest of all the pointing breeds The French Brittany is a dog with a Continental epagneul-type head and a short or inexistent tail. Built harmoniously on a solid but not weighty frame. The whole is compact and well-knit, without undue heaviness, while staying sufficiently elegant.
Coat: Dense, flat or wavy, never curly. Texture neither wiry nor silky. Ears should carry little fringe. The front and hind legs should have some feathering, but too little is definitely preferable to too much. Dogs with long or profuse feathering or furnishings shall be so severely penalized as to effectively eliminate them from competition.
Color: The French Brittany is normally black and white. French Brittanys are often liver and white, orange and white, tri-color and roan of any of these colors.

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