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Breed Details

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

From the cocker spaniels original arrival to North America in the 1880 s, breeders have controlled breeding to allow for specific alterations in their appearance. Breeders want to produce a smaller dog that was shorter in back with a more domed skull. They also strived for these canines to have thicker coats. By the 1930 s, the differences between the North American and the English Cockers Spaniels were very clear that efforts were made to split the breed. In 1947, the original Cocker Spaniel was renamed the English Cocker Spaniel. Recent overpopulation has threatened to destroy the Cocker`s Spaniel s merry temperament, but the trend has now reversed and the breed`s personality is as attractive as its appearance.

The American Cocker Spaniel is joyous, outgoing, friendly and happy.

The American Cocker Spaniel can exhibit considerable speed and endurance, and shows a keen inclination to work. Though Cockers started as gun dogs, most American Cocker Spaniel dogs enjoy life as loved and loving house pets. Exercise needs are moderate.

Breed Standards

Size: The ideal height for a male is 15 in, 38 cm and females should be 14 in 36 cm.
Coat: The silky coat is flat or slightly wavy and of medium length on the body.
Appearance: The ears, chest, abdomen and legs are well feathered. The hair on the head is short and fine.
Grooming: The silky coat needs frequent brushing. Some trimming is done on the head, throat and around the feet. Eyes and ears should be checked regularly and cleaned as necessary.

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