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Breed Details



The lineage traces back to a number of imported European sporting breeds. European dogs were too slow at field for British tastes; various crosses to other breeds were used to improve speed, scenting power, stamina and concentration. The Greyhound, Foxhound and Setter may have contributed. By the mid-19th century, the Pointer had arrived and then, as now, it was a hard-driving hunting dog that has always been a top contender in field trials.

The Pointer is treasured for his even temperament and alert good sense. He`s dignified but kindly in spirit. Loyalty and devotion are two of his strong points.

The Pointer gives the immediate impression of sturdiness and power. He is a wide-awake, hard driving hunting dog that possesses a desire to be on the move. He displays an outgoing lifestyle. He makes a fine family companion, best suited to country living where he can have lots of safe running room.

Breed Standards

Size: The average male will measure 25-28 in, 64-71 cm and weigh about 55-75 lb. While the female is approximately 23-26 in, and 44-65 lb.
Coat: The coat is short, dense and smooth with a healthy sheen.
Grooming: A good rubdown keeps the coat shining.

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