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Breed Details



The Pomeranian is the smallest member of that family of northern breeds. The Queen of Britain wanted the breed reduced originally weighing between 12-18 lb and the British breeders were successful in the task by making the dogs only 3-7lb. The Pomeranian has since become one of the most popular of the Toy breeds.

The Pomeranian exhibits intelligence and a vivacious spirit. With his tame temper, alert animation and cocky attitude, he is a most appealing pet and companion.

The Pomeranian is an ideal house pet for adults who spend a lot of time indoors. He makes a good watchdog, manages with a minimum of exercise and enjoys being pampered. He is cheerful, alert and inquisitive.

Breed Standards

Size: This little dog may weigh from 3-7 lb or 4-6 lb.
Coat: Over the soft, fluffy undercoat there`s a long, perfectly straight and glistening outer coat covering the body. It`s abundant around the neck, shoulders and chest where it forms a frill of profuse, off-standing hair.
Grooming: Gentle daily brushing is needed to keep the coat free of mats.

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