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Breed Details

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog was once numerous all along Portugal`s coast where it worked with fishermen to get the fish into the nets, retrieving gear from the water and carrying messages from boat to boat or boat to shore. In time, the breed was exported to other countries and first made its appearance in rare breed shows in the U.S. in the early 1970s.

The Portuguese Water Dog possesses a spirited disposition and is both brave and self-willed. It has limitless stamina with tremendous perseverance. It is smart and loyal.

The Portuguese Water Dog is ready to do a full day`s work in or out of the water. Always alert, this ruggedly built dog is an ideal choice for the water-sports enthusiast.

Breed Standards

Size: The ideal height is 22 in for males and 19 in for females. Males weigh around 42-60 lb while females weigh around 35-50 lb.
Coat: The non-shedding, non-allergenic coat may be either wavy or curly. The thick and profuse coat covers the whole body evenly.
Grooming: The face and hindquarters should be shaved and the remainder left long.

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