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Breed Details

Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany spaniel is thought to represent a cross between the English Setter and the small French land spaniels. The breed is able to point and retrieve game and works well in open country or dense cover. The breed was first imported to this continent in the 1920s.

A happy, alert dog, the Brittany makes a good pet.

The Brittany spaniel likes activity and needs daily exercise.

Breed Standards

Size: The Brittany spaniel measures from 17.5-20.5 in, 44-52 cm and weighs from 30-40 lb.
Coat: The coat is dense, of medium length and flat or wavy. Though the Brittany spaniel carries some furnishings, they are not profuse.
Grooming: Grooming presents no problem. Occasional brushing will suffice.

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