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Breed Details

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

The name Springer stems from when these dogs were used to spring at game in order to make them get up and run or fly. First exhibited as Norfolk Spaniels, they were given their present name after The Kennel Club, who had accepted the breed in 1902.

The typical English Springer Spaniel is eager to please, a quick learner and willing to take orders. As a poised and attentive breed, the English Springer is known for its friendliness.

An able dog in the field, the English Springer Spaniel enjoys life as a family pet and companion. It is best suited to homes where they have access to outdoor space for exercise.

Breed Standards

Size: The ideal shoulder height for dogs is 20 in, 51 cm with females being one inch less. A well-proportioned English Springer Spaniel should weigh about 49-55 lb.
Coat: The medium-length body coat may be flat or wavy, has a glossy appearance and is sufficiently dense to be waterproof and weatherproof.
Appearance: On the ears, chest, legs and belly, the Springer carries moderate feathering.
Grooming: Fanciers claim the coat is self-cleaning but frequent, thorough brushing is needed to keep it lying close and free of dead hair. Some trimming is also required on head, throat and feet.

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