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Breed Details



The origin of this breed is uncertain. It may descend from Asian or European ancestry, and the name probably refers to the similar-looking Marmoset (also called a pug). However, whatever the source, Pugs today make adaptable pets. They require little space, grooming or exercise, and love human company.

Breed Standards

Size: Males and Females 14 to 18 pounds, in proportional balance.
Appearance: Compact, square body with easy, rolling motion.
Coat: Soft, short, shiny, smooth coat. Silver, fawn or black color with a black mask and dark markings on the ears, cheeks and forehead; dark line follows the body to the tail.
Head: Large, round skull with a short, square muzzle; dark, large, round eyes; soft, small, thin ears.
Tail: Tightly curled over the hip; double curl strongly preferred.

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