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Breed Details



The Briard may very well be the most ancient of the French herding breeds. The Briard has the unique feature of double dewclaws on its hind legs.

The Briard is intelligent, loyal, and eager to please and naturally protective of owner, home and property. But it is imperative that they receive early socialization.

Though Briard dogs can trot all day without tiring, they tend to be calm and relaxed in their home environment. However, they require a fair amount of outdoor exercise to stay in shape.

Breed Standards

Size: Adult Briards may measure from 22-27 in and 56-69 cm at the shoulder. Though substantially built, the Briard is still lithe and agile. Weight will vary according to size but will usually fall within 70-90 lb.
Coat and Color: The long outer coat is hard and dry. It lies flat on the body, falling naturally in a slight wave. The undercoat is soft and fine. The strong head is well covered with hair that arches into eyebrows and forms a beard under the chin. Frequent brushing is needed to get rid of tangles and keep the coat healthy and shining.

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