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Breed Details

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is the original from which the Miniature and Toy were developed. Known in Russia and Germany since the early 16th century, the breed is related to the Portuguese Water Dog and Irish Water Spaniel. Though its first job was that of a retriever of waterfowl, the versatile Poodle was used in France to scent out truffles.

Possessed with extreme versatility, the intelligent and easy going Poodle makes an excellent companion. A lot of people have utilized the poodle ability for water retrieving. The breed needs lots of exercise and is better suited to a house than a high-rise.

Breed Standards

Size: The Standard Poodle must be over 15 in, most average 22-26 in.
Coat: The non-shedding coat is dense, harsh and frizzy or curly.
Grooming: Standard Poodle dogs require a skilled hand to clip and scissor the coat into one of the accepted trims. They should be brushed often.

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