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Breed Details



The Whippet and the Greyhound stem from common stock. However, it is generally conceded that the Whippet was bred to his present form in Britain. At first, Whippets were slipped to chase live rabbits. Lancashire textile workers who came to work in New England mills first brought whippets to this continent. Here, they continued to provide racing and lure coursing excitement.

The Whippet is gentle, friendly, calm and amiable. He prefers being treated like he s part of the family.

When the Whippet is in his sporting mode, he demonstrates great intensity and optimism. The Whippet is dignified and quiet in the home. The breed should have regular outdoor exercise and the occasional good run.

Breed Standards

Size: The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon males measure 21.5-23.5 in, 55-60 cm. Females are a bit smaller.
Coat: They possess a very rough and strong coat.
Grooming: Some raking is needed to remove dead hair, especially during the time of seasonal shedding.

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