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Breed Details

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Do not be fooled by the Afghan Hound`s elegant appearance. Despite its long coat, this dog can hunt, guard, and herd. Adaptable hunters that can even work with trained falcons, these hounds have stalked Snow Leopards and Wolves.
The Afghan Hound needs room to run in a fenced area under supervision.
Afghan Hounds can be very destructive when bored. The Afghan Hound has an independent disposition and may not understand your displeasure with his destructive behaviors.

Breed Standards

Size: Males 26 to 28 inches, Females 24 to 26 inches (at the withers).
Appearance: Long, elegant body with flexible, smooth motion.
Coat: Long, silky, thick coat with feathering on the ears, feet and shoulders; short hair on the back and belly (saddle). Any color allowed, but white markings discouraged.
Head: Rounded skull with a long, tapered muzzle; dark, almond shaped eyes; long, low ears.
Tail: Long, tapered, feathered, curved at the tip.

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