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Breed Details



Since the ninth century, nomadic shepherds on the Steppes of Hungary have utilized two kinds of sheep dogs. One is the familiar large, white guard dog (Komondor) that was used to protect the flock at night. The other was a small active herding dog, the Puli, and it was this little bundle of energy that actually herded the sheep by day. One of the most unique looking breeds, the Puli (Pulik plural) was first bred in ancient Hungary. It is a very old breed of the Hungarian sheep dog. When healthy, it is medium-sized, and very sturdy and hardy. It has a wonderful corded coat that makes it one of the most unusual breeds in the world. Pulis were imported to the United States in the 1930`s.

The Puli is a family dog and is very social and easy to get along with. It can manage and adapt to any environment or circumstances and is very intelligent when it comes to training. They enjoy a lot of exercise and are very energetic and enjoyable to play with.

Breed Standards

Appearance: A Herding dog, medium sized, nimble, agile, very quick, medium-sized, and extremely intelligent.
Coat and Color: Characteristic of the breed is its dense weather-resisting double coat. The undercoat is soft, dense, and fine, and it interweaves with the topcoat, which is long, and wavy or curly, and is of a fairly coarse texture. The ideal proportions of a topcoat and undercoat create the desired cords, which consist of uniform, tightly interwoven hair. The coat is black, stringy and rough.

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