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1. Write the Bird’s ID and your name on the card provided. Since the toenail is the easiest location to collect blood, wipe the bird’s nail with an alcohol swab and let dry (5 – 10 seconds).

toenailclip2. Clip the nail short enough to allow bleeding (avoid clipping too high since this may be uncomfortable for the bird). If blood is not present, gently squeeze the toe until blood appears. Ensure that the toenail clipper is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol between birds.

3. Allow a small amount of blood to bead up and carefully touch the corner of the card to the blood bead (only one or two drops is required). Sample only one bird per card.

card 4. Leave the card to dry for approximately 20 minutes at room temperature. Once the card is dry, place it into the small envelope provided (only 1 card per envelope).

5. Once the samples have dried and the cards have been placed in their individual envelopes and sealed, the envelopes may be collected and placed into a mailing envelope. Ensure ID information is on the cards and the submission form provided. If you are not submitting the sample(s) immediately, store the cards at room temperature in a dark dry location. Cards can be stored in this fashion for several weeks.

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