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Heartworm Season Economics & Lyme Disease DNA Specials

Right now, many are planning their New Year’s Resolutions. Some plan to begin rigorous fitness and exercise regimes, others plan to get their finances into great shape, even some say they are going to strengthen their relationships. Here is a New Year’s Resolution that you can achieve without all the hassle: Get a head start on the Heartworm Season! It’s easy, and you can start right away January 02, 2018 with HealthGene’s Heartworm DNA Test. This will give you the head start you need to reduce much of the stress caused by the Heartworm Season.

Major decisions concerning the Heartworm Season need to be confirmed shortly. Before establishing your decision, please review the following financial and workflow benefits HealthGene’s Heartworm DNA Test can offer you:

Efficiency: HealthGene’s Heartworm DNA Test can be done year round. This means that you can start early and spread the Heartworm Season over a longer period of time. This will free up your time during the traditional Heartworm Season for other more lucrative procedures. This method also allows you to spread income more evenly throughout the year.

Cost Effectiveness: Temporary staff may need to be hired during the traditional Heartworm Season because of increased customer traffic. This will cost you extra wages, training, and periods of interruption. Since heartworm DNA testing can be performed year round, naturally the concentrated workload during the Heartworm Season will be reduced, allowing you a more workable time schedule.

Profitability: Customers are willing to pay more for advanced technology. If you so choose, you can charge a higher than usual rate for a stylish DNA heartworm test, especially outside of the Heartworm Season. This will create a higher than usual profit margin. On the other hand, the savings you receive from our seasonal promotion can be passed on to the client and used to generate extra volume.

New this year, and for the first time ever, you can also add a Lyme disease DNA test to any wellness package! There has never been a more suitable and profitable approach to the Heartworm Season than you can experience now with HealthGene. Before finalizing your decision, make it your New Year’s Resolution to call 1-877-371-1551 and speak to the Heartworm DNA experts at HealthGene and find out how heartworm DNA testing and Lyme disease DNA testing can benefit your business.