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Every living organism on this planet has its own
unique DNA code including Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi.
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DNA Extraction Services: Overview

HealthGene Laboratory has been used for many years as the most reliable facility for DNA extraction laboratory services by many institutions and commercial organizations in the North America and Europe. Extracting high quality DNA is both laborious and time-consuming. By working with our experienced team, we are able to offer you a very cost-effective solution for your DNA extraction needs. Customers who would rather outsource than to carry out the extraction process themselves can make use of our DNA extraction services.

DNA Extraction From The Following Sources

  • Blood samples (fresh and frozen);
  • Plasma samples;
  • Buccal swabs;
  • WBC pellets (frozen);
  • Tissue samples (fresh or frozen);
  • FTA paper;
  • Bacterial culture;
  • Body fluids.

Note: If you have samples from other sources, please contact us with details.

DNA Yield And Stability

The DNA yield is dependent on the amount of nucleated cells in the sample but is typically:

  • 500 µg of DNA from a 10 ml fresh blood extraction;
  • 80 µg from a 2 ml fresh blood extraction;
  • 6 µg from a 200 µl fresh blood extraction.
  • Average of 35 µg per ml from >3 year old frozen whole blood.

The genomic DNA is long term stable when buffered at pH 8.0 and stored at -20°C.

DNA Quality

Final extracted DNA will be supplied in 500 µl (or any volume which the client prefers) of TE buffer (pH 8.0). The typical ratio of absorbance at 260nm and 280nm of the extracted DNA is between 1.7 and 1.9, and the expected size of the extracted DNA is more than 20Kb. Extracted genomic DNA samples are ready for any molecular biology applications such as PCR, SNP and STR typing, etc.

Quantification of DNA (UV Measurement)

With the client’s request, we will supply the information on DNA concentration for each sample. Also, we can perform normalization of DNA concentration if the client prefers to have the same DNA concentration for all samples or if the client would like to have a minimum limit DNA concentration per volume.

Turnaround Time

We routinely complete 500-700 DNA extractions in a week, although higher throughput extraction can be organized on request.

Short and Long Time Samples Storage

HealthGene offers short and long time sample storage (-80°C) for clients who would like to keep samples in our facilities for months or years at affordable price. DNA samples can be retrieved and shipped to the client from HealthGene’s storage at any time.

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