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Coat Color Test for Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are all born black-and-tan (atat at the A locus) and then gradually grey due to the G locus. These dogs can be shown because they adhere to the standard. In addition to this, there are some dogs that have recessive white spotting (spsp). A DNA test is available to detect carriers of white spotting (Ssp). These dogs are sometimes called Biewer and their aficionados admit that another breed was introduced that had white spotting. The color of a Parti Yorkie is black, tan and white. Currently AKC only recognizes the Parti Yorkie in this color classification.

The Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association webpage on coat color also mentions that chocolate or brown can occur on occasion. DNA tests are available to detect carriers of any of the 3 brown alleles also.

They further state that some Yorkie pups are born blue and although this is likely caused by a dd genotype, we have not tested enough such blue dogs to be sure which of the many mutations for blue they might have. Learn more…