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Coat Color Test for Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are all EE at the MC1R locus and atat at the ASIP gene. They vary at the B locus or TYRP1 gene, however. Although, dogs of bb genotype are called chocolate or brown in many other breeds, these dogs are called red in Doberman Pinschers. The D locus of MPH gene controls whether Doberman Pinschers are dark or dilute in coloration. Dogs with dd genotype are dilute. If they have a B allele, their black is diluted to blue. If they have a bb genotype, their reddish brown is diluted to a color called Isabella or fawn in this breed. Their tan undersides are also diluted subtly if their genotype is dd. Some Doberman Pinschers are also very pale cream or white. The gene causing this color has not yet been identified. Learn more…